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Mike Greenfeld is the consummate wine professional.  He has twenty-five years experience in US regional and national sales, brokerage, distributor sales and management.  His enthusiasm and passion for food and wine, working with suppliers and distributors and building and cultivating relationships with accounts serves BulletProof well.

Howard Freedland graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 1992 and has eight years of experience with Binny’s Beverage Depot of Chicago, Illinois. He was promoted to Director of Recruiting and Training for the chain after successfully managing their largest downtown location. Howard has planned hundreds of multi-product special events with fine dining restaurants, hotels and stores.


The corporate mission of BulletProof Wine and Spirits is to provide the best quality services to the wine and spirits industry through marketing and product exposure.

We have over 40 years of experience to help navigate through the challenging environment that is Florida.


We are fortunate to partner with Antares Distribution out of Miami, FL.  Through their state compliance, inventory management, logistics and communication with our clients, Antares provides a professional platform for us to manage our business.

We also have relationships with third-party shippers to deliver to the hard-to-reach places such as, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Naples and Sarasota.  

Through our strategic partners, we are afforded the opportunity to service the entire state, while spending our time on the road selling and marketing as we should.

From supporting Non-profits to working with the best chefs that Florida has to offer, BulletProof uses events to market the products that they are entrusted with.

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September and October Events

September 25th - "Nose Candy" @ Oceana Coffee in Tequesta

September 29th - Pezzi King and Mazzocco @ Hampton Forks in Jupiter

October 1st - Pezzi King and Mazzocco @ Petty's Suntree in Melborne

October 2nd - Wine Wave Washington State Tasting

October 6th - Buty Winery at Petty's Suntree, Melborne

October 7th - An Evening of Buty Winery @ Cru Cellars, Tampa




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